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For the latest news on the Festival’s Adjudicators, please look at this year’s Festival Programme.  

Adjudicators are selected carefully and most are from those listed by the British and International Federation of Festivals. They are all highly experienced in their fields and bring to our Festival opportunities to hear advice from professionals who have adjudicated in festivals in this country and abroad.


New BIFF Marking Scheme

The Inverclyde Music Festival – from 2025 

From the 1st April 2024, BIFF will be rolling out our new marking scheme. The aim of the new marking  scheme is to ensure is to ensure that the performer is at the centre of everything we do. The new scheme promotes BIFF’s core values, Perform | Educate | Inspire,  with a greater emphasis on the written and verbal teaching points. The new scheme supports the provision of positive and constructive feedback to all performer to build confidence and self-esteem. BIFF strongly recommends the use of the scheme to ensure a measure of uniformity across all member festivals.