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Policies & documents


The Inverclyde Music Festival is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement
with the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society. This means that entrants do not have to
seek copyright permission for any poetry, prose or solo dramatic items performed, to a time
limit of 10 minutes.
Performers and teachers will be delighted to know that their participation in the Festival
means that authors will be directly reimbursed as a consequence of their work being performed at this Festival.
Duologues and group dramatic activity are not covered by this agreement, and copyright for
these items should be sought by performers at the time of entry. Solo dramatic items must
be announced with title and author at the time of performance to qualify for copyright indemnity, and the performer must not change the words or gender of the character.
All performances using music from shows in current production are subject to copyright law.
Songs from shows in current production may be sung as a concert item, i.e., with no costume
or movement without need for copyright permission.
Where movement or costume are included in a performance, copyright permission is required, and the Festival Committee accepts these entries on the basis that the appropriate
copyright permission has been sought.
Performers or teachers with queries on how to obtain copyright permission for performance
items should contact Festivals House on 0870 7744290 before making their entries.

Recording and Photography

The use of video, audio recording equipment or flash photography is not permitted during
performances. This includes the use of smart phones.
Photography is permitted during breaks between classes; however these should be for personal use and not shared on the internet or social media without prior consent of those

Safeguarding Policy

Inverclyde Music Festival has a Safeguarding Policy approved by the British and International Federation of Festivals. It aims to inform and involve parents, guardians, carers and
teachers in partnership in order to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, a safe environment at the Festival. Competing groups must be accompanied by the correct ratio of
supervisory adults.
Details of the policy can be downloaded from the Festival website. Sponsors must sign on
the Entry Form that they have read this policy and have informed the parents / carers of
those that they are sponsoring of the policy contents.
Sponsors will be informed of the date, time, and venue of the class(es) entered. Particular
attention will be drawn to the requirement that, where parents, guardians or carers are not
personally attending with their children, it is the sponsor’s responsibility to ensure that their
children are accompanied and adequately supervised at the Festival by responsible adults
acting on their behalf.
Festival personnel will be chosen by the Committee and during the Festival all Committee
Members and volunteers will be identified by the wearing of suitable badges.
Anyone wearing a badge can be approached and will be able to give directions to someone
who will deal with any question or problem.

General regulations

  1. 1 All Entries must be received on or before Tuesday 31st October 2023. Late entries will not be
    2 No Entry will be accepted without payment.
    3 Entries must be made online at www.playandperform.co.uk/inverclyde
    4 The Committee reserves the right to refuse any Entry.
    5 Competitors must have been, for a period of two months immediately prior to the date of the
    Festival, Bona-Fide members attending the practices of any choir or group with which they take
    part. Competitors, other than Conductors, may not take part with more than one Choir or Team in
    any one Class and may not change from the persons named on the Entry Form without prior
    approval of the Committee.
    6 When an age limit is specified, the age of Competitors will be reckoned as on 22nd January
    2024, e.g. ‘7 years and under’ means Children who have not attained the age of 8 years on the
    above date. The upper age limit for all Junior Competitions is 18 years. The minimum age for
    Open SOLO classes is 16 years.
    7 The Committee may appoint additional Adjudicators to act along with or independently of, or
    otherwise assist the Adjudicators named in the Syllabus.
    8 Any Class may be divided into two or more separate sections at the Committee’s discretion. In
    Junior Instrumental classes this will be done on the basis of Grade level.
    9 The Committee will decide the order in which the Classes will be taken and arrange by random
    computer numbers, the order of competing.
    10 Competitors should be in the performing venue at least 20 minutes before the stated starting
    time of the class. Competitors failing to appear when called upon will forfeit the right to take part in
    the particular Competition, subject to a right of appeal to the Committee.
    12 All vocal test pieces will be performed with accompaniment unless otherwise stated in the
    Syllabus. A competent Accompanist will be provided for all classes, unless otherwise stated, but
    competitors may provide their own Accompanist, if they so prefer. Any choir conductor may, when
    conducting, also act as Accompanist, but must not support the choir by singing. IF
    13 Except in unaccompanied vocal pieces, where the raising or lowering of the pitch by a semitone is permitted, Test Pieces must be performed in the key in which they are set in the edition
    prescribed. The New Philharmonic Pitch will be used.
    14 Competitors in Instrumental Classes should complete their main tuning outwith the Competition
    15 Any performance exceeding the stated time limits may be stopped by the Adjudicator and will
    be given a penalty.
    16 In classes where Own Choice is allowed , Competitors should choose a piece of an appropriate
    standard , but must not use a Test Piece set elsewhere in the Syllabus. Changes to Own Choice
    pieces will not be accepted after 14th January 2024.
    17 When submitting music, it is imperative that one copy ( for the Adjudicator) is what is being
    sung/ played , and the other copy is the Accompaniment required.
    18 Even if performing without music, a copy of the music must be available for the Adjudicator.
    Competitors may uplift their copies at the end of the session.
    19 All competitors must perform the specified edition of the Test Piece.
    20 Competitors must not use the same Piece in more than one Class.
    21 Instrumental pieces should be performed without repeats, unless otherwise stated in the
    Syllabus. Da Capo should be observed.
    22 The speed at which Country Dances are taken is entirely the responsibility of the Team Leader,
    who must clearly indicate this to the Accompanist.
    23 A Country Dance Team must consist of eight persons, unless otherwise stated.
    24 All enquiries, complaints, protests or representations of any kind must be made to the President
    in writing.
    25 The Adjudicators’ decisions in all cases will be final.
    26 Awards may be withheld or a Lower Class Award substituted if, in the opinion of the
    Adjudicator, sufficient merit has not been shown.
    27 Winners of Trophies will be required to sign an acknowledgement and undertaking for the safe
    custody and return of them. Trophies are the Holders’ responsibility while in their keeping.
    Trophies must be returned for the next Festival, immediately on request.
    28 The decision of the Committee in all matters arising out of, or not specially provided for in these
    Regulations, will be final.
    29 The Committee may alter, modify or cancel any of the arrangements detailed in the Syllabus.
    30 Non compliance with General Regulations may result in disqualification.
    31 In a dance, vocal or instrumental group performance in junior classes, where a key member of
    the group is unable to perform and the lack of this person would affect the rest of the group’s ability
    to participate, an adult may take part to make the performance viable. In such a case the group
    would receive an adjudication but NO MARK.
    32 All communications, other than those related to Entry Forms should be addressed to:
    Mrs. I. Lind
    1 Margaret Street
    PA16 8AS
    Tel. 07477052714
    Email. isabellind@icloud.com